Smartoools 2 Pack 450Mah Rechargeable Aaa Batteries Pack Of 2 - Usbaaa2

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Smartoools USBAAA2 pack of 2 pcs 450mahUnique - Is the world’s first AA/AAA rechargeable battery with MicroUSB connector, patented and awarded worldwide Easy to recharge - A dual MicroUSB cable is included inbox, to let you charge 2 batteries together, and also use it with your phone. You won’t need an extra Ni-MH charger anymore Eco friendly - You can reuse it up to 500 times thanks to the NiMH 1.2V rechargeable battery, and save 500 batteries waste Cool design - You can collect funny battery designs to charge all your computer and gaming accessories, toys, radio. Best quality - 1000 mAh capacity guaranteed with 24 month warranty Specification (AAA: Capacity: 450mAh 1.2V Current Charge: 5V/80mA Charging Time: 5.5hours Battery Indicators: LED Red when charging, LED Blue when full Charging Method: Micro USB Cable by AC Adapter or Computer Package: Dual cable (2 in 1 Micro USB to USB cable) 2 batteries AAA type (AA2)
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